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The Tourneys

the contest community of Westeros Sorting

Westeros Tourneys
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about the community

The Tourneys is the Westeros Sorting community for various games & contests that people can earn points by participating in. We recommend that you join this community if you want your house to win the Game of Thrones. :)

Your moderators are misstopia (Lord Commander), missyquill (Lannister), rebel (Lannister), jesatria (Martell), alenky_cveto4ek (Stark), muku_muku (Stark), mauvais_pli (Targaryen), ikel89 (Targaryen), kibethsbark (Tully), moryssa (Tully), moderntrickster (Tully), hamsterwoman (Tyrell) and sephystabbity (Tyrell).

Your community founders are cyshobbitlass , deeplyunhip , and honest_illusion .

the subcommunities

greathouses | thetourneys | jesteros | valyrian_forged | thenightswatch
westerosorting | westerostamping | thegreyjoys (not currently an option)| thelannisters themartells | thestarks | thetargaryens | thetullys | thetyrells

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